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Holiday Costumes

Holiday Costumes - Lady Pirate

Holiday Costumes - Lady Pirate Accessories


"Lady Pirate"

With the release of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequel, the pirate costume resurfaced as one of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2006. While many men reached for their "bottle of rum," lady pirates remained largely unnotticed. However, keeping up with everything the men did, plus fighting off advances from drunken men, these ladies' courage, cruelty and cleverness no doubt exceeded that of any male pirate. Still, despite mastering every male challenge, the female pirate retained the very essence of feminity and sex appeal.

Our version of the female pirate costume manages to capture the dual nature of one of the earliest "femme fatales" in history. Showcase your lady pirate's inner seductiveness by wearing this beautifully designed costume, versatile enough to be worn in both Standard and Latin performances, or even a Halloween or stage costume. Utilizing pirate colors and unique lines, this costume combines tradition with a touch of elegance and sophistication for special occasions.

Black, red, and white join with gold accents to create an eye-catching outfit which charmingly blends a masculine faux "leather" corset with the romantic allure of a feminine flowy charmeuse panel skirt. Gold bugles outlining the skirt's edges, together with golden stripes on the bodice, add shine and complement the costume's overall look.

Costume includes built-in body suit and ribbing. Bra cups may be added upon request. Costume's accessories may, but are not required to, include pirate hat and matching handbag.

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